Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bruins survive first round

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WHEW! Tough game! IT WAS A FRIGGIN TIGHTROPE!!! We just couldn't put VCU away. DC getting all those fouls sure didn't help in relieving stress. I am just happy we won. "Survive and Advance", baby, "Survive and Advance."

But solid effort from the team. They fought all the way, to the very last second. VCU defense was great, they seem to always have their hands on the ball, harassing the Bruins at every position, it was hard to get a rhythm.

But I was thinking, if VCU had just one more scorer, the end might have been different. Maynor could have been a decoy, which he did a few times in the game, actually, where he would draw the defense then dish to another play for a basket. But here, we knew Maynor will take the shot, so it was alot simpler.

And I guess Villanova has more weapons than VCU.

DC was stellar in keeping the intensity up even when he was saddled with all those fouls. And the D on Maynor in the end was epic.

Nice to see Josh continue his great play. It looked like he hurt himself in the 2nd half. I hope it was nothing.

And Drag with his career-high 13 rebounds and 10 pts.

Great game for Prez Aboya as well with his 10-8 game plus 3 steals.

I thought to myself, going into the tourney, that we needed an X-factor to step up and thought it would either be Jrue, Keefe or Roll (or all!) and it looks like it was Jrue Thursday night, with his 13 pt-6 assist performance. Like what Coach B said on the post-game interview, Jrue attacked the press. Although he had several weak finishes. He either needs to go to the bank or dunk it like his first shot off of a steal.


Monday, March 9, 2009

UCLA Senior Day 2009

Oh, shucks. We will so sorely miss you, guys: Prez Alfred, Josh, Darren and James. Thanks for the ride. Good luck in the post-season and in life.

Thanks to uclafan11 for posting.

One more gain. Poignant one-on-one's with our dear seniors.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get well soon, Coach Wooden!!!

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For more essential Wooden wisdom, visit the
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And check out a *.pdf of Coach's "Pyramid of Success" for future reference.

Thanks to and McDonald's for the Pyramid of Success pic and *.pdf

Hope to see you back at the games real soon, Coach!!!