Tuesday, January 17, 2012

De'End Parker expected to transfer

Thanks to lbcbruin for breaking this news on BZ. Thanks for giving UCLA a shot, De'End. Get well soon. Best of luck. Our prayers are with your Mom.

De'End Parker expected to transfer

UCLA head coach Ben Howland said that he expects De'End Parker to transfer closer to home to help care for his mother, who is battling health issues.

Parker, who has been sidelined for much of the year with a knee injury, returned to San Francisco during Christmas break and stayed for an extended period. He returned to UCLA to take classes in order to ensure a smooth transition.

"De'End went home from Christmas and I think we're going to try to help him try to petition to try to transfer to get closer to his home, to his mom," Howland said. "She's more comfortable with him around. I'm hoping we can get that worked out. He's in school, he's attending classes, and he's trying to make that move. The NCAA has been pretty good about helping kids who have extenuating circumstances like that."


De'End Parker looking into transfer


LOS ANGELES -- UCLA forward De'End Parker is exploring the option of transferring to a school closer to his ailing mother in San Francisco, Bruins coach Ben Howland said Tuesday.

Parker, a 6-foot-6 junior transfer from City College of San Francisco, played in the first two games this season for UCLA, but has not played since because of a knee injury. His mother had heart surgery last year and needs assistance in daily living.

"I think that’s something that’s weighed heavily on his heart so I’m in full support of that," Howland said. "She needs someone to help take care of her so I’m hoping we can get that worked out."

Parker is still enrolled in classes at UCLA, Howland said, but has not been with the team for the last three games. He stayed at home over the Christmas break to be with his mother and because he played only two games, he is hoping to petition the NCAA for a redshirt year so he can play two more years after transferring.

Parker had eight points and two rebounds in his two games with the Bruins. Last season, he helped lead City College of San Francisco to the state title.

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