Friday, July 7, 2017

Hoops Documentary spotlight: Rebounds

from Gato Trotsky on You Tube.  

I absolutely love basketball documentaries!!! Hoop Dreams, Shoni Schimmel's "Off The Rez," Sebatian Telfair's "Through The Fire," "Heart of the Game," and LeBron James' "More Than A Game" are a few of my favorites. 

While scourin You Tube for more hoop docs, I found "Rebounds." I absolutely loved it!!! And so I wanted  to call hoopaholics' attentions to this gem. 

This documentary follows Americans Tim Jones and Derrick Miller during their season in Chile playing in Puente Alto CD. It gives us a glimpse of how one would follow their dreams of playing pro hoops when they are not quite the baller Lonzo Ball is. 

Here is the doc description on You Tube:
Published on Jul 6, 2011
"Thousands of American basketball players that don't make it into the NBA, go around the world looking for a chance to play. Some of them go to Europe, Asia or any place in the world where basketball is played. This documentary follows Tim Jones and Derrick Miller during their season in Chile playing in Puente Alto CD. Crossing the tension of the game with their experiences off the court this film gives an insight of the life of basketball players overseas."


And if you do enjoyed this, do check the other docs I mentioned (if you haven't already). I'm sure you'll love them, too. Their trailers below. 

Hoop Dreams (Arthur Agee, William Gates)

Off The Rez (Shoni Schimmel)

Through The Fire (Sebastian Telfair)

Heart of The Game (Darnellia Russell)

More Than A Game (LeBron James) 

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Finally, leave your hoop doc favorites and suggestions in the Comments section. I'm always up for another great hoops documentary!!! Thanks!!!

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