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Interview with UCLA Commit Dominic Artis


Prospect: Dominic Artis
High School Team: Las Vegas (Nev.) Findlay Prep
AAU Team: Oakland Soldiers
Class: 2012
Ranking: 95
Height: 5-11
Pos.: Point Guard
Schools Recruiting: Committed to UCLA.

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Interview with UCLA Commit Dominic Artis

By Brett Pierce
Published on 09-28-2011 05:00 PM

Here is a exclusive interview with 2012 UCLA Commit Dominic Artis. Artis is the No. 52 player overall and the No. 8 point guard nationally according to

Talk a little bit about how your AAU season went.

Dominic Artis: I had a lot of fun. We fell short in Vegas, but for the most part I had a lot of fun.

You really shot up through the rankings over summer. How did you work to improve your game?

Dominic Artis:
I did a lot of stuff in the weight room, a lot of stuff with my Uncle just working out. We also went to a guy for strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I tried to get a lot of shots up; I worked on my legs a lot to try to get more explosive. Overall, I just put in a lot of work to reach the ultimate level I can be.

When did UCLA start coming on strong?

Dominic Artis:
They really started coming hard after the EYBL in Los Angeles. That’s when Coach Howland started calling me a lot.

What sold you on UCLA?

Dominic Artis:
It was a lot. The campus, for one, and Coach Howland is a real good guy. He’s a tremendous coach. The style of play, also, a lot of ball screens as well. Also when I went up there, all the players were real cool. Everybody seemed like they really got along. They had great team chemistry.

How do you like Findlay Prep?

Dominic Artis:
I like it so far. Right now there’s a lot of conditioning, everybody is still getting in shape. So I like it so far.

How is it playing with such highly touted players?

Dominic Artis:
It really makes my job a lot easier because whoever I give the ball to, it’s pretty much going to be an assist. It makes my job easier and keeps me in the flow of the game.

Who do you want to see fill out this UCLA class and are you recruiting any of those people?

Dominic Artis:
Well, I would say Shabazz for one. Also, Anthony Bennett has been saying stuff about us. Tony Parker, as well. Tony is showing a lot of interest. He talked about it at the Global Games. Also, Shaq Goodwin. Those are the players Coach told me he was mainly going after.

What besides basketball are you most looking forward to at UCLA?

Dominic Artis:
Meeting new people, and definitely the campus. Basically everything about the school.

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