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Interview With UCLA Guard Tyler Lamb

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Interview With UCLA Guard Tyler Lamb

by Brett Pierce
Published on 09-23-2011 12:25 AM 5 Comments

Here is a exclusive interview with UCLA Sophomore Guard Tyler Lamb.

How has your offseason been?

Tyler Lamb: It’s been really good. I’ve been working out two-a-days. I was working out at home and working out at school when I was at summer school. So it’s been really good. I’ve gotten a lot better.

What specifically would you do to train?

Tyler Lamb:
Working on my overall strength and quickness, and just on my body overall. I’ve been shooting a lot of jump shots every day. Jumps shots off the dribble, jump shots off the kick out, so all types of game related things that I’ll have to do during the game.

Do you feel a lot different between last year and this year, both physically and mentally?

Tyler Lamb:
Oh definitely! I mean, freshman year is a lot of learning. Now that I’ve gotten a year of that under my belt and now knowing what Coach Howland expects out of us, it just makes everything easier.

Coming out of Mater Dei you were known to have a great shot and then last season your shooting wavered. Was that a confidence thing? Was it a technique thing?

Tyler Lamb:
I think it was both. Everybody can always have better technique, but it was mainly a confidence thing, I’d say. My first jump shots weren’t going in and I just kind of got in my head and it spun the wrong way for the season.

Were you surprised by how much harder you have to work in college to succeed athletically?

Tyler Lamb:
Yeah, it was something new for me. But I’m really excited for this year.

What are your expectations both for yourself and the team this season?

Tyler Lamb:
I know definitely, as a team, the goal is to win the Pac-12 Championship and make a good run in the NCAA Tournament. Individually, I want to be a starter. I want to make the 1st Team All-Pac-12 Defensive Team and make one of the Pac-12 Teams offensively. I set myself to high standards.

Who else on the team has impressed you this offseason?

Tyler Lamb:
Honestly, everybody. I know everybody has been working hard. The Wear twins, Zeke, Reeves, those guys have been working very hard. The new guys came in and they’ve been working very hard. Anthony Stover has had a great offseason and has been working out really hard. It just feels like everybody is ready. Everybody has a bad taste in their mouths from last year.

How has Josh Smith been? I know a few months ago Coach Howland said that Josh wasn’t where he needed to be conditioning wise.

Tyler Lamb:
I haven’t seen Josh, but I’ve heard he’s been doing good. I’ve been at home and he’s been at home also. We’ve both been working out at home because we’ve been on campus since we graduated high school.

It sounds like you guys are ready for a big season.

Tyler Lamb:
I’m definitely ready for a big season. I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people this year.

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