Friday, August 5, 2011

Jordan Farmar signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv

Jordan Farmar signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv

New Jersey Nets Guard Signs with Israeli Powerhouse

By: Leonard Carl
Published: August 3rd, 2011 in Culture » Society » News

Thanks to the National Basketball Association lockout, New Jersey Nets guard and former first round draft pick of the Los Angeles Lakers Jordan Farmar is making aliyah, well, that is temporary aliyah.

According to reports, Farmar, whose step-father is a Tel Aviv native, has signed a one-year contract with Israeli power house Maccabi Tel Aviv. The deal is said to include a special clause which allows the to Farmar to return to the NBA Nets if and when the lockout is settled.

"I'm very excited to play in Tel Aviv,'' Farmar told the Star-Ledger. "I went there as a little kid. My stepdad is from Tel Aviv. I watched Tel Aviv play basketball and football -- soccer.''

Farmar signed a 3-year contract with the Nets prior to last season after spending his first four years in the NBA with the Lakers who chose him 26th overall in 2006.

Last season, Farmar averaged 9.6 points and 5.0 assists.

Farmar, who had also reportedly been talking to Maccabi Haifa, will attempt to go through the traditional “aliyah” route, which would make him an Israeli citizen, giving his new, albeit, temporary team, added flexibility since Israeli teams are allowed to dress only four foreign players.

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